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Little Flies coming from my TB Tank


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I noticed a few weeks back when I upgraded my light to the Finnex Planted + that when I take the cover off my tank there are quite a few flies on the surface of the water. They look very similar to fruit flies, the same size and shape, the only difference being that they are a light green color. The flies are alive stuck to the surface of the water when I open the lid so I constantly scoop them out with a net. I am having an increased number of these flies and now can see them flying between the water surface and the plexi lid while the lid is on.  Yesterday I saw that whatever they are they must be laying eggs in the tank, there are tiny worm like larvae that collect at the water surface.  Im pretty sure these are not harmful in any way but they are for sure annoying. Any thoughts on what they are, how to get rid of them etc?

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Do you have floating plants or any plant or wood that is on the surface of the water?  I was getting something like this on my planted tank when it was way overgrown and the plants were on the surface of the water.  Once I trimmed stuff back and did a water change they disappeared but whenever that tank gets like that they seem to show up again.

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No floaters Will and nothing that gets to the surface, im kind of anal retentive and keep the tank super neat and tidy. And AL10, I have a chili rasbora and some green tetras that would work to eat the flies and or larvae but the problem is one of my BB's just gave birth last week and there are tiny shrimp snack all over. I will not chance putting the fish in the tank until the fry are bigger but by then I have another berried shrimp that will have given birth. Its wierd that its only this tank.

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Have not had to deal with this, so I don't know. But here's some ideas.

Remove lid.

Increase surface agitation.

Place small fan to blow on surface of water to discourage them from congregating there.

Keep a close eye on your water level/params, as you will of course be losing water.

The light appears to be a factor, too, attracting them. I wonder why? A temp blackout might help, if the plants can take it.


Do you see these elsewhere in your house? Do you have houseplants?

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i had flies once when cycling a tank.

i don't think flies will reproduce in a clean tank.


i did what aquariumlover10 said.


a simple good trap:

cut 1/4 of the top of a 2 liter bottle

add an inch of apple cider vinegar

put the small end of the top in

tape it up

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