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10g lighting

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I have the same light on a 10g. I am starting to get algae growth. Im running the light 8 hours a day with a 1 hour break. Im going to add some nerite snails to help with algae control and also some fast growing floaters.

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I've been keeping my eye on PP+v2 for some time, however I'm finding it impossible to pin down (or estimate) a release date.


I've contacted Finnex directly and tried to get a potential release date from them, but they made it pretty clear that they wouldn't be providing this information. :mad:


It does seem pretty clear that the Planted Plus "24/7" will be released BEFORE the Planted Plus version 2.......they had originally been teasing that the 24/7 would see delivery in late February but that date has now been pushed out to late MARCH/APRIL (information taken from TPT - http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/showthread.php?t=819521).  


I was originally hopeful that their reluctance to provide a release date might imply that it's release was in the near future, however I'm not so sure that is the case.


If all of the above holds true, it means that there aren't "dimmable" Finnex lighting options available for another couple months at least.  


I'm now considering using a Finnex Stingray as a "holdover" light, or jumping to Current USA Satellite Series lights.

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I agree with Chibikaie. I grow all the plants you mentined with low light in my shrimp tanks. The light intensity will cause algae issues. Save that light for a nice planted tank!

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