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Sponge filters driven by powerheads

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I'm planning a to set up a shrimp tank/rack in my basement office, and thus have concerns about the "bubbling" noise associated with air-driven sponge filters.  


Because of this, my initial idea is to use low-flow powerheads to drive sponge filtration.  


  • Are there any drawbacks to using powerhead-driven sponge filtration?  I don't see this setup utilized in any of the posted journals/pics.  Why?
  • Am I making too big of a deal about noise?  Is there a way to "tune" air-driven sponge filters so noise isn't an issue?
  • I see some sponge filters that are "stackable", allowing for 2 (single) sponge filters to be used 1 on top of the other.  Again, this isn't something I see in other forum tanks........any specific reasons as to why?  Would this be a reasonable idea if using a powerhead to drive them?

Big thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to read or respond.  I'm open to any and all suggestions.

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The dual sponge filters that suction cup onto the glass are basically completely silent. The round one that sit on the substrate and bubble straight upwards make some noise. I have found the air pump to generally be louder than the sponge filters. I wouldnt worry about it at all.

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Ive found most of the noise from sponge filters comes from large bubbles popping at the surface of the water. To cut down on the noise I use small airstones in all of my sponge filters. The airstones produce many smaller bubbles that, when they pop at the surface, sound more like a lightly fizzing soda. It's not noticeable at all unless you open the lid to the tank.

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