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look what I found in my tank today! Baby blue tiger


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I had seen this baby the last 2 days waaayyy at the back of my 10 gallon tank, but couldn't figure

out what it was because I couldn't get a close enough look at it.  It was on the sponge filter one

day but when I went to get the net, it was gone.  This am it was right out front on the sponge filter,

so I grabbed the net and bagged it and another male oebt.  


Sorry the photo is a bit blurry but it was in a plastic container, all I had at that moment.

I am soooo excited, as I now have it in my breeder box (along with other babies) and will raise it up

a bit more before releasing it back into the tank.  I want to get a good look at the markings.


It seems to be a cross between my OEBT and Royal Blue tigers, has the defined stripes starting to

show, but more blue than the OEBT, and lighter in color than the Royals I have (they are very dark almost black in color)    You cannot see it on this pic, but it does have Orange eyes too.....yaaay


Im sooo excited, you'd think I'd won the lottery! :D

If there is 1, there may be more hiding out at the back of the tank...fingers crossed.




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I didn't see a berried female, but then I was missing a few for a few weeks, so could of missed it.  Its doing good right now in the breeder box along with the little Neos.


I grabbed a bit better pic of it...Im not a great photographer at any time, but this shows the orange eyes.


I think I might have a female Royal Blue berried too, but its sooo very hard to tell with them because the shell

is so dense....she's fat though and hides a lot. 29wu9c.jpg

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Congratulations Monty.  Those are some beautiful colors.


I was just curious about one thing:   Why use a breeder box?  I usually just let mine roam free.

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I wanted to separate this one because I didn't know if it was a tiger or blue neo..so put it in breeder box. Unfortunately I think it escaped into my TB/Tiger tank (the breeder box was attached to this tank) and must have gotten in thru the vent at the top...it was always on the frogbit up there, and I think it might have just swam over. I checked for body in the box and none present so I don't believe it died, just escaped. If its in there it will grow and I will see it later on....not too many this color in there.

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OK so I found the baby blue shrimp that I thought was a tiger....now I believe it is a cross.  I grabbed this pic today

of it, and you can see it has some weird striping that looks more like a tiger than a rili.  Im wondering if its one of my

oebt x blue dreams.


pic is large an fuzzy sorry.  I will add another one of the top of the back....also that's another blue neo baby inside

the sponge filter bag, and one paler one up top.




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