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Questions on selective breeding of Bloody Marys

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So I originally got the Bloody Mary's for my son's 5 gallon. Soon there were too many and I moved the majority over to my lightly planted 10 gallon. I noticed that several of them were darker red and had some black in some instances. I started putting my culls in my 75 gallon planted. Some of the culls colored up and others became wild coloration(pretty sure some of the lower culls mated). So I am digging the darker reds and black coloration. I have some nice males and females.

1. Are male or female genes dominant in coloration? Another words would having a nicely colored male with a slightly lower colored female(and vice versa) improve the offspring or do you want the best put together?

2.How many generations before you start to see color stability in the line?

3. Would introducing another line that has a good colored male or female put me back to square one genetically speaking or still worth the risk for overall improved genetic material?


Any answers are much appreciated. Have a good day everyone and try to stay warm!




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You should not get wilds at all can I see pics? The females will tend to be darker so find those females and stick them in a tank, then find your darkest male and use him to selective breed, take your darkest ofd spring and repeat prosses, each time you will breed more true how much realy depends on too many factors. If your in the market and want to buy darker bloody Mary's then you already have will always improve chances and percentages of dark offspring.

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Thanks for the info guys! As for the wilds I had at one time put about 4 or 5 shrimp in the 75 that were suppose to have been amano shrimplets. They of course disappeared and I assumed they had just died off, but looking back on it I believe they probably weren't amanos at all. Those shrimp may have bred with the culls. They offspring were mostly clear reminding me of ghost shrimp. Any who I will be choosing the best of the best and using my son's tank as the selective breeding tank. I just have to say thanks again for the help guys really appreciate the insight!!

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