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Meet the boys


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I realized I never did intro my two bettas. They are LFS bettas and have big personalities. "Bubba" is the blue one and "Puck" is the multicolored one. Puck has emotional issues.. lol he likes to slam head first into anything and everything so I think he is not quite 'all there'. I have a video to prove it, he's a bit nuts. ha ha


Bubba is in a 5.5 planted tank, Puck is in a 2.5. I tried to put Puck in a luxury 10 gallon and he completely freaked and spent 5 days of intense, nearly non stop glass surfing and stopped eating. I put him back into his little 2.5 tank and he has been happy ever since..in his odd ball way.


Anyhow.. here are the boys


Bubba in his 5.5


close up of Bubba





Puck, younger, with attitude



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