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Berried BV :-)

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So, the BVs that I got from Soothing on 2-7 are settling in great, even after me re-doing their tank.


This morning I turn on their light and do a visual. I see a molt (I've seen several since I got them) then I spot her!! I was so excited, I grabbed my camera and tried to get a pic. She was in the back so I could only get very blurry pics and I was running late.


I will try to get a pic this weekend but I am so excited! :)


Not bad for only having them for 20 days :)

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Well the down sides of lower light, light colored shrimp and bad camera.. but.. as AL10 says "if you don't have a pic, it didn't happen" ha ha. So, here is a bad pic of my first berried BV as of yesterday.



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nice! everyone always has such cool pictures of their shrimp :( decided to take a few with my iPhone. sorry about the crap quality 1ce9ed4979b3c8af6564e268e6c3fcd2.jpg


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Yep! this tank has had many ups and downs. My initial stock died off till like 3 remained, and then i think i had another instance of die off but there were a bunch of shrimplets which have all grown up now and i have 4 berried mothers. The tank has stabilized so hopefully it's smooth sailing from here on out

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