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Good News & Bad News


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The good news is that I had 5 berried crs and goldens all give birth around the same time.

The bad news is that I just noticed that the heater became unplugged and the temp was showing 59 degrees. :startle:

Unfortunately I lost all my fire reds that I also kept in the same tank.

The good news is that most of the crs and golden babies appear to have survived and I only found 3 dead adults after plugging in the new heater and resetting the temps.

I guess no more playing lazer light with the dog in the shrimp room.

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Tanks tend to stay cooler than ambient air temperature. Mine are around 66-68 F and no, the room is closer to 72 (parents are elderly and from the semitropics, I do NOT want to know what our heating bill looks like).

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