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NOT telling someone about shrimp - on purpose

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We all have our cringe worthy LFS stories and plenty of us have slipped customers some valuable information or even pointed the finger at the LFS (pick a finger) but...


Saturday I zipped my lip, on purpose.


Went to LFS to get a quick 10 gallon. So, I browsed.. odd that none of the LFSs around me carry flourish excel. I tried to explain to the girl there that I didn't want it for plants, even though it was, I wanted it for my shrimp 'medicine chest'. I gave up and she left me alone to browse.


They have a very cool, small, open salt water tank with... anemones and what not in there (not going to pretend I know what they are cuz I don't, lol).


A lady was scouting the tank with two boys. I would say one was about 9 or 10, the other younger. He was LOUD, obnoxious and she let him be. I steered clear. They were looking in the tank and did they "Hey... hey lady...what is that thing?"


When she said a shrimp, my ears perked.


The mom asked if it could only live in saltwater and the girl said yes. I really wanted to see it but I wasn't going near them.


The boy poked his finger in the tank, all three of them were flicking the glass and the older boy wanted something to 'poke it and make it move'. The mom was the same.


I finally stepped over and started to look in the tank and purposely stepped in front of them so they had to move. Luckily the look I shot at the boy shut him up and they moved on.


NO WAY IN (@#(*$#(@&  was I going to tell them there were shrimp that you could keep in fresh water.

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Yea - I can usually spot the kids that just don't know any better, vs the ones that would torment any living creature with a smile on their face. grrrr Makes me want to ban them from the store, lol

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