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Diy food for shrimps


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I want to share receipt how I making DIY food for my shrimps.

-Dry nettle leaves 25%

-Dry spinach leaves 30%

-Dry Kale 25%

-Spirulina powder 10%

-Kelp powder 10%

-Dry bloodworms (for protein) 10%


Crush dry leaves and dry bloodworms to the powder, mix all with a little bit of water and mix it well until you've got nice even mash then make a sausage or pan from it and dry it in the oven or on top of the radiator. When it's dry crush it on smaller pieces and feed them to your shrimps. They going to love it. All natural ingredients and beneficial for your shrimps.


What you thinking? Leave your comments.


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Takes a longer period of time, but yeah.  Lots of people first notice it by feeding yellows too much spinach as an only option.  That's when I first became curious. 


When I started shrimping, I fed only spinach.  My yellows started turning weird colors after a while, and I pm'ed Mord.  He told me to get some food for them quick.  I have an idea he had never heard or seen it before, so he tried to help the best he could.  I switched foods to another shrimp only food, and they got their color back after awhile.  That's when I knew there was something that caused color problems and I set out to find it. heh

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