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advice please: iwagumi style with neo & tiger.


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I'm planning redo 20L.use rock and black sands.looking carpet plants to cover all sands part. Use osmocote.no co2 maybe little bit

Like iwagumi tank with neo & tiger shrimp.

Have dual t5ho lighting.

Moss is one option.

But I want to try something carpet plants. Like baby tear or something similar.

I can inject co2 while last phase of cycling. If you have good idea. Please let me know. Thank you.

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I wouldn't use baby tear unless you does co2 or you have to use ada soil. Also you can try dwarf hair grass or dwarf sag they both are good for your tank I have a low light for my dwarf hair grass they still grow great it just that they grow little bit slower. Moss is a great idea since the baby will hide in them and the shrimp love to graze on the bio film on them and I recommend Taiwan moss since they grown greener than Java which make taiwan so beauitful I would start with neo first then when is good then get the tiger shrimp

Happy shrimping

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