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sss with a blue head

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Which I guess would not technically make him an sss cbs mischling if his head is blue?  I should say more accurately it is partially blue.


I was thinking it is super cool looking and I have a couple of them in the tank.   Is that something I could breed for but maybe make it a little brighter with a bit more blue coverage 



The shrimp from Shrimpscales were really a jackpot.. so many interesting variations in them.  

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I did take some pictures last night but against the purple sand, the blue looks so light it almost still looks white.  Ill post it when I get home but try to get a better picture too.  I actually found 3 of them in there!

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so here is one of the pics I took last night on my cell phone.  I know it is really hard to tell that the head is blue .. A friend of mine who is in to photography said that that color is really hard to pick up..that even sensors can have a hard time picking it up.  To give you context, that one one behind him also has a blue head ..the seller said that it was to light to be considered a blue bolt but sent it with the mischlings I got.   His blue didn't show up either.    I am going to try get more with my camera  rather than the cell phone but here is what I have to tide you over.   I would describe the shade of blue as super low grade blue bolt blue but wonder if it can be bred to be brighter.

I do believe that it is in the genetics because I found three of them with the blue heads from the same seller.    The blue did not show up when I got them, but rather as they matured.  



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PS.   My Pregnant SSS mischling  that I posted about  on 3/1 is one of them with the blue head.  Sadly,  She seems to have dropped some of her eggs. I can see at least 3 or 4 eggs left.   

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