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Hi everyone.
We're Joe's Aqua at San Jose, CA. We bring lots of shrimp with good quality from Taiwan to USA, and some of them are breed by our farm in Taiwan and some are from famous Breeder like Ellen Wang. We are now officially Ellen's America agent
Please like our facebook page to get the newest information
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/joeaquacrs[/size]


Black King Kong
Stripes - $12 e.a
Panda - $13 e.a
Blue Panda (Shadow Panda) - $17 e.a
Extreme (full black) - $ 22 e.a

Red King Kong
Ruby Red Stripes - $18 e.a
Wine Red Panda - $20 e.a
Ruby Red Extreme (full red) $32 e.a

Blue Bolt
A Grade  - $8 e.a


S Grade - $13 e.a

SS Grade - $16 e.a


Fancy Tigers
A Grade - $5 e.a

Black S Grade - $9 e.a

Red S Grade - $13 e.a


Taiwan Pinto
Black Belly - $69 e.a
Red Belly - $169 e.a


Ellen's PRL (Pure Red Line)
E3 - $18 e.a


1.  Shrimp size:  0.8 ~ 1.2 cm
2.  Shrimp sexuality:  unsexed Juvi.

Breeding Conditions

General Parameters
 PH 6.2-6.5
TDS 120-150
GH 4-6
KH 0-1
Temperature  20C-26C/66F-77F

Shipping Service & Cost
* All of our shrimp are shipping with cold/heat pack and styrofoam box.

Pickup:  San Jose, CA (Zip:95131)

Fedex Shipping
1.  Fedex Standard Overnight $55

2.  Fedex 2Day $28~$35
3.  Fedex Ground $12 (1~2 Shipping Days  only)

DOA Policy is VOID if USPS does not deliver your order on time (Delay over 12hrs).
1.  USPS Express 1 Day $40 
2.  USPS Priority 2 Days $22

We only charge actual shipping fee.

Please give us your zip and then we would let you know the shipping cost

*1 100% live arrival guaranteed for all shipping options excluded USPS DELAY SHIPPING.
*2 All express shipping service will plus 100g Joe's Aqua Shrimp food for free

* If you do choose USPS as you shipper, please be aware that DOA is not applied if USPS does not deliver your order on time (Delay over 12hrs).

* We ship our shrimp with cold pack / heat pack  and styrofoam box.

Live Arrival Guarantee Policy
We guarantee LIVE arrival of our shrimp if the package is signed for and accepted on the first delivery attempt. THIS LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE IS VALID FOR ALL SHIPPING SERVICE. PRIORITY MAIL 3 DAYS SHIPMENTS DO NOT CARRY OUR LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE. If the package is denied for any reason on the first attempt or left without being signed for the guarantee is VOID.
In the unlikely event that your shrimp arrive dead you must email a digital photo of the dead shrimp still in the original, unopened bag to us within 3 hours of delivery.
Our live arrival guarantee does not cover the freight costs. All freight costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Shipping Info

  • All shrimp would be starved at least 24 hrs before shipping.
  • We ship our shrimp with breather bags in styrofoam box and the max. we can ship is 20-40 pcs shrimp in our box.
  • Item will be shipped to you via USPS One Day Express or UPS Next Day Air (depended what kind shipping service you selected).
  • We can only ship to lower 48 states of USA, but we offer wholesale for other country.
  • Our shipping period is from Monday to Thursday, but some area can be arranged for Saturday delivery.
  • I gladly combine shipping costs for multiple items. Order more and save on shipping

Contact Us

Skype: proe1109

LineID: joeaqua

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Do you allow folks to come by for pickup and check out your shrimps? I'm a SJ local.


Yes, we can let folks to pickup, but our warehouse is not open to public. If you're not satisfied with the quality when you pickup, you can leave them and walk away. I hope not, lol.
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Great prices! What's the difference between the tiger x King Kong hybrids and the fancy tigers?

And I definitely need to get some wind reds at $13 each if that's not a typo.

The fancy tiger is good coloration tiger x king kong hybrid.

Sorry the price of red panda is typo

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I bought a few of Joe's shrimp and can only say that I was more than impressed with the customer service and quality of the shrimp. He answered al my annoying questions and took great care in packaging and shipping his shrimp to me. AAAA++++

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Is the payment PayPal only and can I see a pic of the blue bolt please and what grade is the Ellen Wang prl



We can take paypal, Chase quickpay or you can pay when you pickup them.

Ellen's PRL is E3 grade

Our regular blue bolt



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