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Congratulating myself


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So...  Do not ask me how out of all the shrimp in my tank I realized that 2 were missing.  One was easy, it was my one and only skeleton  shrimp.. then as I was searching the tank I realized another was missing.  A big red crystal who I thought might berry soon.


Now I could have paniced, Especially given this is the tank of death.  Has my disease come back?????  but I kept calm. I reminded myself that I have seen no bodies.  I noticed that my UV machine had inched its way up the tank  and the top of it was resting against my HOB. 


Nah..they couldnt have crawled in.    could  they?     So I took it apart.. took out the rings. 


No shrimp


Took out the purigen


No shrimp.  There is no way they could get under that sponge at the bottom it is right up against the sides of the tank. 


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