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Tibee, mischling, crystal journal


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I've had crystals for some time now. And I love them. I recently decided it was time to out the neos, and focus on breeding these guys. In the tank I currently have oebt culls from Erik, tibees from tan man, mischlings from Erik, and crystals from oblong (there still alive and kickin!!!)

I'm going to be tearing out some of the glosso, stauro repens, a.r., and moving the ludwigia s to my high tech tank. And moving all my buces to this tank as well. All this to make room for some play toys I received in a shipment last week, ceramic shrimp cubes, a floating moss island, and possibly a shrimp waffle ball cave, not sure on that one yet though. I'll be keeping one of the breeder boxes in there to selectively get each quality femal berried with a suitable mate. I.e. Female mischling with SSS CBS or crs. Female tibee with male oebt or mischling male. Etc. etc. I want to see what can come of this type of breeding. And see if I can line breed with some sort of mutation if it pops up (fingers crossed)

Specs on this tank


Cholla wood and roots

Up aqua ceramic shrimp tubes

Feeder dish

Persicuria plant



Xmas moss

Alternantha r.

Lindernia sp India

Buce kapit

Buce brownie red

Uknown blue Buce (just a green rhizome for now until it gains energy to shoot out leaves again)

Crypt affinis metallic red (will be moved to high tech tank)

Fluval c3 bio media'd out with a prefilter sponge

Prodibiogest every month replaced

Corner air driven filter

Here are some photos of some of the stock. Tibees crystals and some crystal shrimplets :)









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Good question. I guess the only answer I have is I know that the crystals I have have Snow White genes. If it is however a spontaneous throw either way it will be bred with tibee and tb when matured

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Anyways lol. I but the bullet last night and ordered two BKK one stripe. Which I guess are consider panda. But not really because there's only one stripe. Idk who names these shrimp but BKK to me is solid black. Any white should be considered a panda. And I ordered a wine red as well. Two different sources so that combined with the 4 other sources I got my crystals tibees and mischlins and tt and oebt culls from should add for a very diverse gene pool. I'm very exited to try and cross, find a specific trait and line breed it. Something I noticed in some of the tibees I have is an orange body with the black white and grey stripes.

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All I know is that is it very cool!

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Exactly, which is a good reason to get to know the buyer or seller first. That's kinda why it's good to have a feedback section, then you know what the seller or buyer is trustworthy. I like forums because you can create friendships and trust with fellow hobbyists.

Back to the main reason I'm posting this time. Does anyone know where there is a tiger crystal. Tibee Taiwan bee chart somewhere I'm trying to figure out why my tibees have orange bodies. I'm assuming they were tt crystal crosses but I could be very wrong and it could just be a mutation over the coarse of breeding

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