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Bruce Lee of the Sea

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Only the larger species are capable of breaking glass. Most of those avail in the sw aquarium trade only grow to about 6", abd are very unlikely to break glass. Epic species centered sw nano project. Ive seen a great 29g AIO cube with a mantis named betty. Betty is fantastic!

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Decades ago when 'live rock' was sold without any regulations right off Florida and it was LOADED with life , keep in mind different times and no one knew any better as far as protecting reefs ..  They were full of mantis shrimp and you had to get them out.  Easy enough to do with any DIY trap baited with shrimp .


The slasher mantis were easy to remove, the smasher types (think called Pistol shrimp) could shatter glass traps (never heard of them cracking tanks) but at night they would also kill each other lol (with pistol shrimp winning by maiming the slasher and eating them ) as you cycled the rock and after 6 weeks you remove the winner .

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