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BVs, colors/baby questions


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So I bought some BV shrimp a while back, and were at first lacking much if any colors.  They've since colored up, and I now have 2 berried girls.  


My first question is, why do some of my BV shrimp have red spots?  Are they just low grade/should have been culled but weren't? Remnants of the cherry? I apologize I bought a dslr but don't have a lens yet to take pictures of them.


Also, one berried shrimp had a ton of eggs, I think she's lost some since first getting them but still has plenty.  The other, berried while I was out of town for 4 days and only has a few (5?) eggs.  The one with less eggs is a smaller shrimp, maybe it's her first time and she wasn't very good at holding?

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1st timers usually drop eggs, so if that's the case it is to be expected.  Also if water params are off, eggs can be dropped.


There are some sellers that sell blue rilis as BV.  Heck, I've even seen blue pearls being sold as BV.  Problem is some sellers go by what the shrimp LOOK like and not the actual genetic background.  Unfortunately doing this screws not only the buyer, but anybody that buyer may eventually give shrimp to.


Yet another reason to buy from a shrimp forum.  Most of the time the shrimp sellers are hobbyists themselves and know the genetic background.

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