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How come I never see any

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I have seen the Coral crayfish . A friend in another state has several types of crays.


I know that the place you listed has stopped carrying several types of bigger crays because the regulations vary in state to state and it became a pain.


I keep marbled , White Alleni and 3 CPO's which mate but never seem to get offspring .


Either way I inquired about 2 Australian crays in aquabid but they can not be sold to Florida.

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I do agree that regulations and laws should be in place. But what I don't agree with is that this stops everyone from keeping these aquatic animals. We should be able to go to the city or state and get a certificate and or permit to be able to import from other states and buy and keep these things without releasing them or selling them to people that don't have the license,

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you have to be careful with crays there are several states they are illegal to bring them into. trading with in the state is fine but cant cross state lines be it in or out due to alot of them being horrible plant eaters. 

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