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King Kong or Crystal Black? Distinction Question

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Been awhile since I've been on here, but I have a question. Well more of an am I right?


I have mischlings, lots and lots of mischlings. I am quite positive that I have gotten several King Kongs/ Pandas from them, but I'm not quite sure. Between a Crystal Black Mischling and a Black King Kong/Panda, do the KK/Pandas have a black face and the Crystals have white faces? It's pretty easy to tell when they are mostly black, but those that look more like Pandas, I just want to make sure I know what they actually are and can tell the difference.


If I am wrong, what is the best way to tell the difference?



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I believe bkk's have a black nose/face also, while cbs tend to have white nose/face.


I actually looked two nights ago and all my BKK and Pandas have black faces and noses.

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Early to be absolutely certain, yes. I would say 99% sure though its a Taiwan Bee. The blue tint unfortunately will turn to your common black, the good news is it looks like you have a No-Entry Hinomaru Panda!!

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