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I'm going to be setting up a planted 160g soon, and going to be starting the tank off with shrimp, hopefully.  Never kept shrimp in a tank that size, so will be interesting to see how many it takes before you even notice them in the tank.

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I have a 100g planted tank with TB, crystals, cherries and the odd misc and I go days without seeing certain shrimp. And babies are next to impossible to find until they get a good size.

Before I set it up I'd read concerns about breeding such as males been able to find females in large tanks but I have loads of berried shrimp and my King Kong had been berried and missing for over a week but turned up two days ago minus her eggs so I'm on the look out for baby TBs now

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I am excited about setting up the 72 for shrimp. I bought black diamond abrasive last night. I like a black substrate, I have gravel in it now. This tank has a 20gal. sump, I have to figure a way to screen the built in overflow. The sump is going to be the filter.

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