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Securing Riccia?

Soothing Shrimp

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I've been thinking of mesh on ceramic tiles.  Do you think that would be okay?


Yes, you won't see it once it start to grow.


and also you can use stainless steel mesh and fish line.

secure it on the one side, face down.

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Riccia won't stay attached though, it will float at some point. Had mine fastened to SS mesh with fishing line, lasted about 3 months.

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I kind of regret my time with riccia. It got loose, went all over, and grows very well from tiny pieces, kind of like duckweed. I've got it mostly fished out now, but I spent a long time grabbing individual strands out of my moss, my floaters, my ferny plants, etc. to really get all of it gone. I mean a really long time... although it's somewhat meditative to sit in front of the shrimp tank with a bamboo skewer lifting out individual strands of riccia, I spent hours doing it and will likely never try the riccia thing again. 

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