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Chris Lukhaup goes to China

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 not really, but i would love to see that. And if he ever stumbled on this page,

id want to say...


Hey Chris, if your reading this, I was just wondering if you were ever going to travel to China to explore their lands to better our understanding of shrimps environments, or better yet, to discover new shrimp!


Have you ever thought of going to china or been already?


You have ventured around the world, I have seen videos of your adventures and would like to see a trip to china from you.  Especially enjoyed the video of collecting sulawesi, you can hold your breath for a long ass time, badass!  Anyhow, I cant find much on the internet about shrimp from or in china.  Why is that? Do you know?



Thanks man!


Have a Good One!

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Hey Liberty, I was just watching this cool vid the other day posted by Chris searching for wild tiger shrimps in China. The pool that the shrimp are in looks stagnant but he says the pool is full of Java moss. I guess the shrimps are happy in there. Here it is if you haven't seen it


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