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how are my parameters?

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I'm having a hard time deciphering my pH value from my test. Does this look like a pH of 7.8 to you guys?


I have fluval stratum substrate. When I originally got it, I wasn't planning on shrimp at the time.

GH - 8

KH - 2

TDS - 220

I originally used tap dechlorinated with prime. I've been using RO with salty shrimp GH+/kh+ for the past 2 water changes. I have some Indian almond leaves, a piece of driftwood, and alder cones in there already.

I plan on sticking with neos for the foreseeable future since I don't feel I can control water chemistry well enough yet. My tap water tds is 175. I didn't try testing the tap pH yet.

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Are you using the API pH test? That is the hardest to read and most inaccurate pH test. If you are using SS gH/kH and RO water with Fluval you should be fine no matter what.

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Yes, I am using the API pH test. It seems the only tests I can use properly are ammonia and nitrite lol. Nitrate is hard to read too.

Any recommendations for a pH test then? I don't suppose those pH pens are any good?

Thanks! I had some deaths earlier that have stopped since I started using RO. It sucks when you're trying to test water and you can't even read the results.

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You would be fine with noes. nothing needs to be changed.

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