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Just getting into shrimp, intro


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Just want to introduce myself. I'm Chris from Michigan.

I recently built a fish tank for my desk at work with no intentions of it housing shrimp. Through researching glass thickness required and other diy's I found "The Planted Tank" forum which turned me onto live plants. After that I also found out dwarf shrimp are good for eating algae and for plants in general, I figured I would buy a few cherries before fish to clean up the tank some (after a 2 month cycle since I didn't have another tank to kick start bacteria growth). I bought them and quickly found out that I think they are much more interesting then fish.

My fish tank tank now turned into a shrimp tank, well I guess I hope it does.

I am currently having issues with parameters. After the cycle I added 3 low grade cherries and 3 amanos with plans of tigers in the future.

Well since then, sadly, my wife has gotten laid off due to lack of business so buying more shrimp is no longer possible, at least until she gets a new job. I was hoping to just breed the 1 male and 2 female cherries to get a somewhat populated tank.

Well after 1 jumper, a couple of posts, I figured out my GH was way too low and kh was way too high. Through suggestion from others I used distilled water changes to bring my kh to a reasonable amount, and this weekend added a cuttlebone in hopes of raising GH. I also have borneowild GH up shipping out today. Hopefully I can get the right parameters since my last female cherry jumped on Saturday, and the male pulled off his head trying to molt (very gruesome and sad).

I am hoping to get my parameters right, and hoping I can find the finances to get a recent low grade cherry colony going so I can get into the hobby but we will have to see since as of now it looks like I might just have a planted tank with 3 amanos.

I look forward to expanding my knowledge here, and hopefully adding some of my own in other areas to help out.

Thank you,


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Hey Chris it is great to have you!  Planted shrimp tanks are way cooler than regular fish tanks.

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