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$50 Blue Velvet package for $35!!!

Soothing Shrimp

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We have recently been talking about adding an auction section: http://www.shrimpspot.com/index.php?/topic/354-adding-weekend-auctions/


The app roughly costs $35.


I'm a huge believer in win-win situations and I want to help out this forum because I really believe this is a great place for shrimpers- so here's what I'm doing:




I'm donating 10 BV for this cause.  Shipping will be my gift to you, and I can mail your insulated priority box this Sat. (Unless other arrangements are made.)


This is ~$50 total value (shrimp + shipping) for $35.


*** I get no money from this! ***  (That's important to know, so please don't paypal me.) :P


Instead, pm me to let me know you want this deal, and I'll give you Oblong's paypal to pay the $35 for the auction app.


Then, send me your address via pm, and I will send out your shrimp this Sat.


First one to pm me to say they want it, gets the deal!


We all have to help each other, and this is my way of helping the forum so far. :)

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I really appreciate this. It is great to see stuff like this, if I had the money, and more importantly the space I'd have already bough them....

Hope someone jumps on this deal. I'm gonna ask a friend of mine if he'd be interested

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