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Plants for sale! Lower prices.


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Marisela Minuta: .50 a node extras included.

Wendii Crypts: 5$ a bundle

Fissiden Fontanus: 7$ golf ball

Java Moss: $3 portion

Ludwigia R.: 1$ stem

Star Grass: 2/1$ stems

Rotala Red: 2$

Hydrocolyte Japan: 40 Nodes 5$

Bacopa: 1$ stem

Sunset Hygro: 2/1$ stem

Dwarf Sag: 1$ plantlet

Marbled Amazon Sword: 2$ plants.

Shipping is 5.20 flat rate shipping. PayPal only please. Any questions just ask.


Updated prices!


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I am interested in fissidens fontanus. Is is mini? what much of fissiden ? please email me


It is pretty small, slow grow in moss. Its a golf ball portion!


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what is the 4th pic down

It grow pretty quick actually have a tank that's carpeted by this stuff. Pretty cool


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