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Macro photos of shrimp anatomy


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Playing with the camera again. It really boggles my mind how these creatures manage to molt.


Look at that bad-a$$ rostrum.


Details of the compound eye


Two different pairs of claws. One for sweeping and one for scraping. Look at the muscle on the scraping one.



Swimmerettes like feathers


Wonder what the tail spikes are for?


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Oh man! Those pics are sweet!! Which camera and lens are you using?

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Thanks for the compliments. I hope these pics are as interesting to you guys as they are to me. Fascinating creatures!


These were taken with Canon SL1, 40mm f2.8 STM pancake lens, 36mm extension tube. Flash is remote triggered directly above and 1/2 power. Settings were f14, 1/100th, ISO100. All pics are 1:1 crops.

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Goddam so many talent photographers on this forum!! I need some of your skills!! Currently I use the Sony ALpha 6000 with one of the cheaper sony macrolense. What other equipment would I need to get pictures that are that crisp and detailed?

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The Sony Alpha 6000 is an awesome mirrorless. I'm guessing you have the SEL30M35 lens which is a little short for shooting shrimp but should work ok with a little cropping. If you want more magnification try a set of Kenko extension tubes for Sony E-Mount.

With macro work, you need high aperature to get more of the subject in focus. With shrimp you need fast shutter speed because they are always moving. With aquarium shots you need low ISO because there is usually very high contrast which highlights noise. All three combine for a need for a lot of light. A remote flash is a must.

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