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Cardinal Shrimp adjustment from 7.5 to 8.5

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So after seeing the video ctaylor posted on Bryce's thread about cardinal shrimp, I have decided to keep my remaining Cardinals and try a new rescape along with SS 8.5


I have successfully bred several spawns using SS 7.5, but I have read that 8.5 produces more(not sure if thats true).  So, anyway I just received my 8.5 and was wondering how you guys/gals would go about transitioning the tank to the higher PH.  I'm thinking of over the course of the next few weeks, after doing about 10-20% water changes weekly, replacing the water with 8.5 and dripping it in for about 2 hours.


What do you think?

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Already dissolving as we speak.

Quick question.... what are the small egg-like creatures that move extremely slow across the glass. I'm having a brain fart and cannot remember.

Basically they are clearish white with a dark spot in the middle and are about 1.5mm in size.

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Definantly take your time dropping it. I'm sure you know how sensitive they are to changes. Co2 helps dissolve it. Shake the bottle once a day to. Will dissolve quick


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