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super bummed

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So I lost two shrimp last night (cherries)  and I'm pretty sad.


I don't have a tds reader (and I know thats important) so I can't give you that right now

but for everything else:


pH: 7.0

temp: 76

nitrate: 5

nitrite: 0

kh: 2

gh: 6


I'm seeing lots of molting and I have one berried female

Also have babaultis and I have yet to lose one of those. In fact, they seem a lot more active than the cherries.


I'm not sure what to do, please help.

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Sometimes deaths happen. :(.

My rec was gonna be drop the temp a little as well. Other than that, those are essentially the same conditions mine have been in. (I keep mine 72-74) Anything special about that part of the tank, like is that where the flow pushed them, or lots of stuff to hide in there? Did they look like they were molting (thick or cracked shells, etc?) Any funny colors?

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Only thing in the corner where they died is a new sponge filter. I kept my old filter in until bacteria builds up so I know it isn't that...  <_<


Is it possible the flow is too strong for them?

I didn't notice any color changes or anything when they died. 


And no fish. Fish are just no fun  ;)

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