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New to Shrimpin'. Some ??'s


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I have a 20gal (long) tank that I would like to setup as a Shrimp/Low Tech planted tank.


I've never done a planted tank before.  I have kept freshwater, and currently keep a 90gal Saltwater Mixed Reef tank in my home office.  So I know about water quality/changes/remineralization etc.


I do have an RODI unit and TDS Meter.


I am planning on going very budget for this at 1st, so I am thinking a DIY HMF filter with an air pump I have available.


I have an AquaticLife 10k/460nm LED strip light with 0.5watt LED's in it for lighting.


Planning on doing a liquid remineralized for ease of measurement and solubility.


Any other suggestions on equipment?


Plants and Shrimp:  Here is where you come in.



I am thinking about going right in with CRS shrimp.  If not, I might go with some Orange Eye Royal Blue's.  What else does the collective here deem a good beginner shrimp for someone who is experienced with water parameters?  (I'd like to have the shrimp purchased from members and/or sponsors here)



I'm thinking a few rocks, a piece or two of driftwood, and some carpeting plants.  What are good beginner / low-tech carpeting plans, and maybe moss for the driftwood.  (Java?)

I might need to look into proper "Curing" of the wood, as I would like to pickup some pieces from the local Chesapeake bay and/or the many park streams nearby.


Thanks in advance for the advise!




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The shrimp and plants you have in mind are fine for beginners expecially if your already experienced with ro. Get some micro sword or dwarf hair grass as long as you have a good substrate. You should fit right in around here welcome to the forum.

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Depending on the shrimp you decide, substrate. Tigers like different params than CRS. My tigers love pool filter sand, while I keep an active substrate for my crystals and TB's. Keep that in mind when making your choice. 

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Ahh, good point.  I need to compare the difference and potentially decide on one or the other if its too extreme.



pH: 6.5-7.5

TDS: 90-150 (I've read they're flexible up to 200, but not so flexible with GH)

GH: 4-6

KH: 1-2

Temp: 64-80


Royal Blue's:

pH: 6.5-7.5

TDS: 180-200

GH: 8

KH: 2-3

Temp: 76


The GH and KH seem to be the big differences, and most important from what I've read.

Do we know of anyone who keeps these together.  If not, I'd probably swing CRS over the blues, so can anyone recommend a "blue" supplement for a CRS tank?


Also:  Would I be able to get some black 2" thick foam from the local Big box store, or will I have to special order?


Thanks all!

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Welcome! I don't think anyone here on shrimpspot carries the foam you are looking for (someone smack me if I'm wrong). I'd buy first from our members & sponsors too. The only place I have found this foam is at swisstropicals.com. They will have the airlift tubes as well. Their "jet lifter" is as good as advertised. I love my HMFs.

Good luck in your shrimp quest!

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I'm with Shrimprdan.  I always use the hmf from Swisstropicals.com as well as the airlift tubes.  Great filter system for shrimp.

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