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FRESH leaves for shrimp! Stinging nettle, Mulberry, and Raspberry


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SHRIMP LEAVES! Mulberry, raspberry and stinging nettle leaves available FRESH!

It's that time of year again, time for my fresh leaves for your shrimp tanks! Shrimp go absolutely bonkers for these. They are treated as foods, just like spinach or kale (unlike IAL or dried oak leaves which is more for biofilm growth).

All leaves are plucked fresh from our farm. These fields have not been sprayed or fertilized and are nowhere near a road! Safe for your shrimp.
once or a week. Typically Mon-Tues or Thurs. In the event you purchase one of the larger 100 leaf packages I will make a special trip outside of my schedule if I can.  COMBINED SHIPPING/DISCOUNTS for multiple items/types of leaves, just message me if what you want is not listed in the 'sample packs' below.

To prepare leaves to feed your shrimp I do the following for all fresh leaves:

I boil them for approximately 2-4 minutes, lay flat on paper plates, put in the freezer, then after about 10 minutes put them in a ziplock bag. I break off smaller pieces to feed or full leaves are fed to large colonies. Can be kept in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Stinging nettle leaves – approximately 2-4” in length though will vary.

Stinging nettles are a very nutritious food source for all shrimp, very high in calcium. Please note, stinging nettle leaves have little fuzzy like barbs on them that ‘sting’ or can cause a mild burning sensation after handling. Rather, they can if you are sensitive to them, so be careful handling them until they are boiled (they don’t sting after boiling in my experience).

$9 ppd First Class for 25 leaves

$14 ppd First Class for 50 leaves

$25 ppd First Class for 100 leaves

Mulberry Leaves (White variety)

Leaves are also taken from a tree on our farm. Prepared to feed exactly as I do the stinging nettle. Sizes vary but around 4"-6" on average per leaf. One leaf could feed a good sized colony for a month! No spraying of pesticides, fertilizers, etc near these trees either.

$8 ppd for 30 leaves

$12 ppd First Class for 50

$20 ppd First Class for 100

Raspberry Leaves

2-4" in length, prepared just like all other leaves.

$7 ppd 25 leaves

$12 ppd for 50 leaves

$17 ppd for 100 leaves

SAMPLE PACKS! Try all three types of leaves! 10 stinging nettle leaves, 10 raspberry leaves and 5 small white mulberry leaves (about 3-4 inches) for $12 ppd
ALL 3 TYPES OF LEAVES - 50 leaves EACH - $34 ppd First Class

ALL 3 TYPES OF LEAVES - 100 leaves EACH - $55 ppd PRIORITY ** Best deal

Please send Paypal payments to kalnight@aol.com Make out for goods/services (no gift payments or personal tab payments please!).

For combined packages or larger amounts of leaves please email me kalnight@aol.com (remove spaces!) or message me here. Since all packages are postage paid I can offer small discounts for combined packages. Any questions, just ask! First photo is of shrimp on stinging nettle leaf
after about 3 minutes, second photo is on mulberry leaf approximately 12 hours after putting in the tank
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