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Quick Sale Tangerine Tiger x PRL (Ellen breed out) Hybrids


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Sold Out.


I have about a hundred (+) of these guys in my tank. I need to clear up and focus on the red hybrid breed outs. You will probably get reds in the next generation, I don't have room for these any more.

Pretty crazy price on Caridina shrimp. Cheapest probably ever seen less than $2 a shrimp. Size is from peewees to adults. You may get lucky and get some berried ones also.

25 (+3) for $50
Shipping is $12 insulated priority.

Check out my moss post if you are interest some mosses. All grown in my shrimp tank. Lots of rare species.

Shipping Days:

- Shipping Saturday, should arrive Monday or Tuesday (priority mail)
- Shipping Monday, should arrive Wednesday or Thursday (priority mail)

I don't guarantee packages above 85F or below 50F. Please check the weather in your area before placing your order. Packages must be received on first delivery attempt. Clear photos for proof within 2 hours of package received.

Picture of shrimps for sale:post-484-0-85797100-1435206153_thumb.jpgpost-484-0-59809700-1435206179_thumb.jpg

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