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Sadness strikes again

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So I lost another cherry. Adult female mid-molt. 

I recently took out my Co2 and this may have been the reason for a small spike in my pH

I corrected it quickly but she was already gone  :(


I'm about to give up on Neos. I thought they were supposed to be the easy guys but I've lost a fair amount of them and still no still caridinas lost. 


I don't know. I just get very attached to the little guys and I'm doing my best for them. So frustrating

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Shrimphug, When I started I lost 9 tanks of shrimp before I started understanding how to keep them.  Don't give up.


The biggest thing I found was to roll with the punches.  When I became too serious with them, I became paranoid and tried to do everything by the book.  When I relaxed and became more loose, I was able to learn more and observe how things worked.  Frustrating?  Absolutely.  You can always take a break from them until you are ready to try again.


You are already a step ahead of the game.  When I started, I knew nothing about forums.  Much of my stuff was through trial and error.  A forum is a nice place to socialize, but is also great for differing views and a plethora of information to wade through.

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Sometimes I found that even if everything is perfect, you will still have casualties. The thing I learned is if you do anything do it slowly. Even neos sometimes don't like changes in the water. Always best to take things slowly and take calculated approaches to things. I sadly have lost shrimp unknown reasons. A lot is trial and error.


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                      Perhaps it is where you are buying them as far as their water is so different than yours that the shrimp are dying ?


 I agree with everyone about going slow.  I now have 3 - 20gallon planted and a 55 planted (old set up) for shrimp and tiny fish .  I waited a few months to add shrimp to my newer 20 galls and even than I only added 10 at a time and waited few weeks before adding other shrimp .


My water changes are weekly 10% tank volume but I only change 5% every 3 days. I use dechlorinated tap water , most here use RO.

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I have two berried malaya shrimp!!! so I'm glad that they are happy. I get a kick out of them anyway...always changing colors. 

so i'll just stick with them for now and try neos again in the future....  :mellow: 

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