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any suggestions for water circulation pump?

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 Does anyone have any suggestion on a water circulation pump. A small one that I can

put on one end of a 48" Long Tank?


The middle section will have a Penguin BioWheel 200 HOB, and each section will have

a dual sponge filter.


The sections will have stainless steel mesh between the 1'8" slits in the dividers on top and bottom of each divider.


But I am wondering if I need to put a small water circulation pump on one end of the tank. It can't be too powerful,

just enough to keep the water flowing back and forth at the top of the long tank. I don't want to create a powerful

current, but would like to just keep the water moving, and that something that won't bother the shrimp.


Maybe I don't need it at all. I am not sure.


The smallest I could find is Hydor Koralia Nano 240 GPH water circulation pump, but I am thinking, even that

would be too powerful, unless I can adjust the flow.

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i like  the elite mini internal filters. i used one to push water in my 55. and they use sponge so its great for extra bio media. it wont make a lot of current but will help push it so there are no dead spots. and i like the fact you can place it close to the substrate or all the way at the top of the tank

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I'll check them both out. Thanks. Do you know the model on the elite, wicca32?

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 I am actually going to try on simple hamburger Matten filter.

I have 30 gal breeder tank (48"long) where i am going to put in HMF on one end of the tank with heater behind it. On the other end will be a slope heading down toward the filter. It is going to be lava rocks with fissiden fontanus and on substrate with stargrass bushes toward the background + lace java fern. Foreground with mini pellia. Of course Driftwood cover with moss ball going to be here and there. I have not have the complete thought on the hardscape yet. Main filter is a canister with Biohome and fine filter.

(The picture is not my tank)


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this is what i use to push water. ive used it in several tanks. it does have an adjustable flow on it and on high its got some push. right now its being used in my moms 10 gal and it pushes guppies around. 




i dont use the added air thing i dont think it worked well. and i flip the outflow upside down lol makes the water point up not down. ive also used it when i tried diy co2. i just cut one of the slats out of the side and put the hose into the the foam a bit and it worked great as a deffuser as well

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Interesting........ I may have to try that wicca32, Thanks

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Another question.


I an using the Penguin BioWheel 200 HOB in the middle section.  This middle section won't house any animals.

It will also have a UV sterilizer, heater, etc.


I can put a Penguin BioWheel 100 HOB on each end section, but I was thinking it may be to much, or I can put

one the small filters like the Tom's small internal filter on each end. Plus there will be dual sponges each each

section. Am I going overkill? Do I even need the end filters, because of the sponges being in each section?


Will the 200 HOB be plenty for it.


It is 48" Long, but it is only 48" X 8" X 8"  Total. Holds about 14 gallons total.


each section is 9" x 8" - there are four of them, and then the one middle section where all the media will be is 9 3/4" X 8" X 8"


I also have a Aqua Clear 50 Reverse Flow Powerhead with the water polisher unit at my disposable too, if I need it.


I have stainless steel mesh that I got from Han, that is the same "keep out the fry mesh" that is used to make intakes that is

at the end of each section over the dividers so, the fry can't get into another tank section. There are 1/8" slits on the top

and bottom of each divider, and then the ss mesh over the divider. So water will be restricted some, and I will have to keep

them clean as the water will flow to the middle because of the 200 HOB in the middle section.


But, I was thinking, if I put like a small powerhead of small internal whisper, or tom's internal nano filter in each end section,

then the water will flow back and forth a little better, that along with the sponges in each section, and an air stone running

in each section too.


What do you think?

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Any opinions on the above?

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