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Powder foods, bacteria, etc and tds

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I did a water change the other day and tested my tds 24 hours after is 154.

Usually I add 1/4 spoon bacter ae every three days. After I added it that day and I tested my tds it went up to 194. Has anyone else noticed a correlation between powder baby foods. Bacter ae. And anything else of this nature and raising of the tds in there aquariums? This concerns me due to keeping the tds stable so anyone who needs to molt can molt properly.

It doesn't say on the bottle temporarily raises tds. But it indeed did.

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no it wont go down till you do water change. tds is just that  Total Dissolved Solids. its every thing from food to shrimp waist, to decaying plant matter. i dont use powder foods, well not yet any way. i will when i get babies. but they do tend to increase tds. and i dont really thing a tds of 154 is to bad that is what mine ends up at by the time i do water changes

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Yeah my tds I try to keep at 154 when doing wc. But after I feed powder food or dose Bacter AE in there he tds raises to 190. That's why I am asking. I wouldn't hink its a bad tds raise. But tds in general I thought to be kept around the same at all time

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