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My new TB tank project


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Hi everyone, this journal is more for myself and maybe can be helpful for anyone here.

This project is to redo my old fish tank and custom make a new one. The new tank is going to be for TB shrimps (I have around 25 now) and only mischlings females and only if I'm sure on 100% they are F1.

I'm starting it from very beginning.

This old tank (pic below) is about 7 month old and I had and I have a small colony of blue shrimps ( not sure about correct name, but I thought they are blue jelly but maybe not) and I also had CRS and they for some reason stopped breeding a couple months ago and I moved them in my living room display fish\shrimp tank and they look even happier over there surrounding by fish then when they where in that tank. Anyway it wasn't build nice from beginning and I'm going to do it properly this time.

This is a cupboard in my tiny shrimp room were I also have a breeding tank where some TB and mischlings are and small neo tank where currently I have a yellow shrimps came from red cherries for some unknown reason.

In this cupboard I have a pipe running into toilet next room and this is a pain in the bottom because it's limiting the space.

Ok here are the first three tasks need to be done first:

1 Move the pipe around the cupboard to maximise the space inside.

2. Build a tank a bigger size

-current tank 35l and the new one will be 54L

3. Buy substrate and other stuff I need.

I'm starting with the second task as I don't want to cut off the water in the house to do the pipe now and I need to get a propane cell for my torch to do some soldering.

Yesterday I cut the glass then polished the edges with diamond knife sharpener with water after I realised I'm run out of silicon and now I'm going to do it tomorrow once I've got aquarium safe silicon. I probably can share some photos. Going to do the pipe on weekends or beginning of next week.

Also I've got the stuff arrived on my door step this afternoon I will share some pics too.


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A quick update:

The tank has been made and pipe has been moved.

I'm using Environment substrate from GasGarten German brand making very famous Bacter AE. On the package it says that ph going to be at around 6 which is ideal for TB.

I also made small underground filter operated by small pump. Under substrate I added some BorneoWild Enlive, BorneoWild Bebi and some mineral powder. I've been told I can't use Bacter AE under the substrate because it get roten and only BorneoWild Bebi can do the job.

The tank is cycling now and in a week time I'm going to move my blue shrimps in there, I can't keep them much longer in the living room in old tank.

A few pictures of new tank:





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Looks like a great start. I have a couple bags of Glas-Garten Environment soil I need to try out. I look forward to your results with it.

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Hellos shrimp fellows.

I didn't done any update on this for a while, well the things gone very wrong and I had a lot of problems.

I left the tank cycling for a month while I've been away on holidays in August but my friend who looked after the shrimps didn't add some water and half of the water evaporated and splashes from the filter killed all my LEDs and dump all food in timer feeder so I had to fix the light and cycle the tank again on my return.

In middle of September I decided to move some of my best mischling females and few tbees in this tank and then disaster happened. One evening when I feed them i accidentally dropped glass cover on this tank and ckracked front glass within a couple minutes all 54l of water was on the floor and flooded my shrimp room. Some of the shrimps where on the floor too and I lost 1/2 of them due to shock, almost all my beautiful tbees died and I only left with some babies and few males now.

I fixed the tank in the couple of days and did a mini cycle again. After that I desided to go slowly and put somе of my juvenile f1 and f2 in that unlucky tank and few yellow neo shrimps.

Then one day I saw planaria and I added no planaria treatment and lost 3 mischlings during the treatment. But after all I wasn't upset about it, I had more than enough mischlings to populate this tank. After the treatment I did large wc and added carbon in the filter. Now all shrimps happy and active, touch the wood. Both yellow females berried in a few days but I don't want to have neos in this tank so they will be go soon.

About setup:

54 l

Filtration: eheim 2211 external, large size double sponge filter, undegravel filter(diy) clogged and recently stopped working,didn't cover the holes with the mesh properly :(

Light: DIY led strips above the tank.

Substrate: gasGarten environment

Water parameters: ph 6.1-6.2, gh 5, kh 0, tds 110, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate 0. Temp 22-24C

Here some picture for you.

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They are about 45 F1/f2 mischlings plus 5-6 yellow neos. I'm going to add more mischlings in there in a week or two, I think I'm going to change my plan and make this tank mischling tank because another tank with Mischlings TBs become overpopulated and I regularly need to scoop some shrimps out so I'm going to place them in this tank for now but maybe change it in future.








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