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Could someone give me a schedule for the following 5 products?

I currently do a 15%-25% water change every Monday.

I have 26 Fire Red Shrimp with about 6 live plants and 2 driftwood.


BorneoWild Grow

BorneoWild Barley

BorneoWild Stout

BorneoWild Shield

BorneoWild Dance


Thanks for any advice.

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i would just mix it up and you dont have to feed every day. i feed every few days maybe 3 times a week or so. with that said the more shrimp you have the more often you will need to feed the tank



could you tell me what to feed on each day of the week and which day not to feed.

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It really depends on how many shrimp you have in each tank. What your life schedule is like. How big the tank is. And if the shrimp accept food every time you put it in. Shield and dance are supplements, shield should be put in once you do a water change, I believe dance is a waste of money, it forces shrimp to molt. When they aren't ready. Usually when I do a water change my shrimp molt almost instantaneously.

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                     I love the BorneoWild Shield . I have noticed that with my orange CPO crayfish which I keep separate it has made their orange much prettier .  I feed the shrimp every other day and use the Shield twice a week with water changes .

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I would start by using the Borneowild Stout and Dance once a week and Shield twice a week (probably not all on the same day and probably not on a day you want to feed the Grow).  Feeding is more difficult because it depends on how much biofilm is currently in the tank for the shrimp to feed on.  I would try and leave a barley pellet in the tank and add a new one as the consume it.  It shouldn't impact your water parameters and then you know they always have something to eat.  I would try feeding a small piece of the Borneowild Grow and see how they react to it.  If they swarm it and eat it all then you can try feeding them a bit more in another day or two.  If they ignore it then take it out after a few hours and try again in a week or two with a smaller piece.  Shrimp prefer biofilm so until that is eaten they won't show much interest in prepared foods.

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