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Category Suggestions for our new MarketPlace

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Looking for some ideas as to what categories you guys want to see.  We can have as many or as few as you guys want.  There can be subcategories as well so people can more easily narrow down the offers to specifically what they are looking for. 


I have moved the "Water Conditioners" category to now be a subcategory of "Shrimp" for demonstration purposes.  If you click on the Shrimp category you see everything in Shrimp and all subcategories.  If you click on Water Conditioners you will only see Water Conditioners. 


Because you can easily see at a higher level if you want it may not be a bad idea to create a bunch of categories so people can easily target what they are looking for.  We could also just start out with a few and create new ones as needed and just move the offers around as we create new categories. 

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the basics would be 



additives (any where from remineralizers to leaves meds )

live stock



mixed lots (grouping of things like plants and food or livestock and plants)



and that would be a good layout for the auctions as well

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