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What do you use in your canister

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Trying to decide the best things to use in my new canister filter. I thought I would do course and fine sponges on the bottom  and purigen with whatever bio media  is int he middle on top


But what is the best bio media for the middle.  I have bio balls here but I hear they suck.  I have heard Bio home media is best but I dont see an easy place to buy it.     Do you just use ceramic rings?   Seachem Matrix?  



It will be bee shrimp if that makes a difference


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Yes to Seachem Matrix, unlike some of the other bio media products available it hardly brakes down over time and it packs easily with minimal wastage of space unlike the rings ?  

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Honestly in my Eheim Canister Filters, I stack like this:


Top to Bottom:


Purigen 100ml

Microfiber Pad

Eheim Substrat Pro

Eheim Ehfimech

(2) Course Pads


Hope this helps.

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ok so are there no potential risks for the shrimp with adding purigen ?


I have used Eheim Substrate Pro but it seemed to reduce in size quite quickly within a year and some balls ended up so small they were falling through the eheim plasic grid, so since then I've have always gone for matrix, well pumice stone I guess.. 

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Not a problem that I can see so far. I know many breeders that use Purigen. That is quite weird you are have the erosion problem, my biological media from Eheim holds up really well.

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