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Water changes towards RO

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I'm starting a tank soon, my first planted tank.  I will have a load of plants, some tiny fish and some shrimps, I hope.  I am small, scrawny and live on the third floor of an apartment complex.  If I start my tank with regular tap water, get my plants established, cycle the tank for awhile, start using RO water for my water changes at that point, then add fish, then add shrimp, would there be likely to be toxic levels of residual minerals in my tank, past what I obviously would dose for ferts, stuck in the substrate or something?  

Basically, if you want the ideal environment for shrimps eventually (probably 2-3 months after I fill the tank with water, maybe longer), do you have to start with RO from day one or could I just bring five gallons home every week or two for awhile and eventually be fine?  I don't much fancy carrying 30 gallons of RO water up the stairs to my tank for that initial fill, but I do like shrimps and want them eventually.

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How about bringing in the initial 30 gallons in stages? Stockpile until you have enough. Then you don't have to worry about what is in your tap water.

Most fish will eat or at least bother shrimp, so make your fish selections wisely if you want both.

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I'm hoping with tiny tiny fish (all under 1 inch in length) and a lot of good shrimpy hiding places and a well-fed tank, I can get away with fish and shrimp in the same tank.  It seems that neos are the only ones that will survive with the fish I want, in terms of water chemistry, but I still need to do more research. 

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