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What do you feed your shrimp?


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I have a tank of blue bolts and black pandas that im trying to start a shadow panda colony from...


Currently I am feeding them Mosura brood care, but I was just curious what everyone here feeds their shrimp?

Any brand reccomendations?


Ive seen a lot of people mention feeding them spinach ocasionally.. do you need to do anything with it first. or just drop a lil in there?

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Veggies, I will rotate around baby kale leaves, spinach, cucumber, zucchini, and amaranth. I usually boil/blanch them beforehand so they are softer and it helps them sink. Otherwise, if you put it in the tank as is, it'll just end up floating without tying it to something to weigh it down. The amaranth leaves I get are actually a Tantora branded package.


Leaf litter, I use indian almond and guava leaves. These provide good surfaces for biofilm to grow on and the shrimp love to feed off of these leaves as they break down. Mulberry leaves are another good leaf litter to use. The difference is, is the leaf itself is what the shrimp love to eat.


With commercial foods, I have Bacter AE, Shirakura Ebi Dama, Borneowild Grow. I also have snowflake and I don't think brand matters with that. The shrimp do seem to love it though.


Also, I'm sure the more experienced shrimpers can chime in about the frequency of feeding. I don't think you have to feed very often if you have a small sized colony. They're constantly grazing on the biofilm inside the tank.

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In my two shrimp tanks I always keep Indian Almond or Guava leaves. Shrimps in both tanks love peach/nectarine and mulberry leaves. In tank with otos the shrimps also eat blanch sweet peas, salad or gabbage leaves (but I mostly give them for the otos) and they love them.


About once in 2 weeks I add ADA bacter ball. I feed babies with Mosura Bio Plus and all of the shrimps with Mosura Glaze. My shrimps like to eat Nature Shrimp RED but now I only give to the shrimps where are no otos  because otos LOVE this!!! and will keep it to themselves. Sometimes I give ZooMed crab and lobster food but it's not their favorite food.  And my shrimps eat Hikari crab food and I like it because the granules are very small and every shrimp can have a piece of it. And all of my shrimps love Hikari goldfish pellets!


I feed my shrimps every other day but my tanks are planted. But I read in Breeders and Keepers that shrimps should be fed daily. So, I don't know what is right...

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I currently use the MK-Breed line of food. 


Monday I feed my BB/BKK/Pandas Black Diamond, PRL/Wine Red/Ruby Red Red Diamond. Wednesday all shrimp receive White Crystal, and Friday all shrimp receive Cheeseburger. On weekends I usually don't feed, and if I do I usually only feed Mulberry Leaves, Amaranth Leaves, or Snow Flake.


Aside from manufactured foods, I find leaf litter extremely important. I use Shrimp Nature and Tantora: IAL, Guava, Mulberry, Oak, Walnut, Papaya, Amaranth, and Alder Cones. Mulberry and Amaranth are considered primarily a food source, where the others I mentioned are a water conditioner/supplement. 


I always suggest to do your research and buy according to what your shrimp seem to love. 

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