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Evo's 20G Longs (first timer)


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Hey everyone first time shrimper here.  :) hopefully all goes well! These tanks were set up 6 weeks ago and are all cycled and ready to go now. Both tanks are set up nearly identically, but the bottom tank also has an AC 20 with matrix and purigen in it. Any questions just ask away. I'm using Salty Shrimp GH+




GH 5-6

KH 0-1

PH 6.5

TDS 105

Temp 73



Have some nice CRS coming in tomorrow, will post pics. 


Tanks on rack



For some reason only my Java moss melted back while the tank was still leeching ammonia. It's finally starting to grow back some green!






FTS (top tank)



FTS (bottom tank)










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Tanks look great! Those are great sizes to start with, what type of substrate are you using? TDS is 105 but your GH is 5-6?

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Been awhile since last update! Both tanks are doing well.






Ordered 10 blue dreams from blue crown aqua last week! Most are still quite small.


While I was waiting for shrimp to come in for the second tank, I kept a few harlequin rasboras in to keep up the bb. Now I have what I believe is a single rasbora fry! Best picture I could get for now, it's constantly darting around.


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Blue Dream won't do well in acidic water.


I keep them in inert substrate with pH around 7.5

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