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Twin star algae eliminator


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$160- 220+.... and I read that the diffuser is "a consumable item and will need replaced periodically. If you are using this product in accordance with the instruction manual, can be used for 9 months to 14 months"


I have no idea how much the diffuser costs.


They also have a Twinstar Shrimp that is supposedly just for shrimp and disease control.  I *think* it is supposed to learn and adjust to your shrimp environment.


Never used it, but if I had one or a large tank it may be worth it. 


As it is, I have too many tanks for it to be worth it.

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Interesting using electrolysis to control age this explains the short life depending on your waters mineral content it would cause the metals uses to generate the gasses to break down at varying rates.

Have a gniess day. -Scott

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