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Taiwan bee mischling question

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Hello shrimpkeepers :D

So i don´t really understand the whole mischling thing, if i get taiwan bee mischling and put them together in a tank , do i have chances to get "real" taiwan bees when they breed? Or do i need to breed the mischlings with a specific shrimp?


Have a wondefull day ^^

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My understanding was F1-mischling x F1-mischling yielded (approximately):

  • 25% TB
  • 50% Mischling
  • 25% CRS/CBS

James, I'm not questioning your response, but rather wanting to learn more.  I get that shrimp/breeding doesn't always follow Mendelian genetics and punnet squares, but it is good foundation information for most to lean on for a basic understanding.  


Can you or anyone else expand upon this answer?  Is the thinning of chances at TB over time due to the above percentages?  Does misch x misch yield any percentage of CRS/CBS (non-TB carriers)?

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25% TBs from F1 x F1 mischlings is kinda high.

More like less than 5% in my experience when I did the mischling thing a few years ago.

There nothing you can do to increase the % of TBs from mischling x mischling. Except TB x mischling.

Even TB x mischling you will get 20% TBs.

Just be patient and eventually a baby TB will appear.

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Their a good place to start if you haven't had tbs before. Usually when I sell michilings I sell with a few tbs to increase the chances of a future tb population. Then you would cull the michilings, I'm using some of my michilings with tibees so their not worthless even to more experienced breeders.

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Well if you want a tb tank then ya you should just get tbs if you can't cull, however there's no problem at all with you just letting the tank populate. But eventually your shrimp tank will be over populated and your going to have to remove some shrimp anyway that's when you would remove the michilings. In the end michilings take longer to get tbs but it's a cheaper way of going at it.

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Honestly I see this question alot, "Should I buy Mischlings?", whether their Pinto, Taiwan Bee, or just plain Mischlings, I always suggest not to.


I don't like to be discouraging, but alot of people buy Mischlings because their cheaper, and have the slightest chance to breed what they actually intend/want to buy. Mischlings are really just shrimp that need to be culled, but were marketed in a way to promote that these shrimp produce Taiwan Bees, Pintos, etc at cheaper prices. This is true, but the amount of time and the low percentages really aren't worth it in my opinion. It would be more wise to take the extra time and save your money to buy actual Pintos, Taiwan Bees, etc


With that being said, if you want Taiwan Bees, just take the time, save, and then buy Taiwan Bees. This is what I initially did, bought 10 Taiwan Bees last year, and now have well over 150. 


Again this isn't to shy you away or discourage anyone, but just want to lay out the facts based on my personal opinion and experience.

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Mischlings are hit and miss. Some rarely see TB offsping, others have booms.

I like them, as they are a bit like the lottery. I don't mind not getting high % of TB, as I'm still learning, plus I still get Crystals whom I adore. As a first shrimp, I would suggest one of the Neo varietys to cut your teeth on, so to speak. The learning curve is a bit more forgiving with them.

If your end goal is a tank full of TB, I would save like DET said and buy TB. If you don't mind Crystals with them, mischlings can be fun if you have the patience.

I would really look into one of the many neo(cherry) colors morphs to start with however. Get some experience caring for them so you don't waste money early on and get discouraged should they die.

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Ya they are tibees


What are you referring to as tibees? As Mischlings are not Tibees. Tibees are a TB x Tiger or CRS/CBS x Tiger. Mischling is a CRS/CBS x TB.


I mean if your referring to what Mischling literally means- Half-Breed/Hybrid, I could assume your correct.

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Welcome to the world of shrimping.

What is your goal? Create a colony of TBs from mischlings ?

If you have patience and want a challenge go with the mischling route.

It will be rewarding when you see little TB babies.

It is also cool to see a mischling with different colored eggs.

And then you will get MTS.

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My "goal" is to have a tank full of many colouration shrimps but without the colours getting faded with the generations , thats why i tought taiwan bee mischlings would be a good choice so i'm not really aiming for "taiwan bees" specificly i'm just aiming to a lot of defined colourations. If i could create my Taiwan bee colony i would really try and go for it but i dont mind if my tank has mischlings and taiwan bees together i guess

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  • 1 month later...

Hello! Bumping this thread with some questions.


On Oct.2 I bought 7 RKK mischling shrimps from Joe. Last night I saw they started their "dance" and sure enough one of a females is berries today! YAY! I actually was prepared to wait another couple of weeks for this.

Looks like I have 2 (maybe 3 - one shrimp is still really small, so I don't know its gender yet) females and 4 males for now. I bought some TB's but should recieve them next week and don't know their gender.


Even though it's too early I have some questions.


1. I read that you should keep females mischling and TB males to up the chances of getting more TB's. But what will happen if a mischling is a male and TB is a female?


2. What do you do with mischling culls (males)?


3. How many mischling females do you keep to make the culling is manageable?


Thank you!

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I'm doing mischling routine from February this year and now I have some success.

Before that I did the same way as delta aquarium recommended - I bought 10 TB shrimps and I was planing to breed them but because of the lack of experience I lost 7 of them and by now I have only 3 left from that order. After that I decided to go slowly and bought 10 mischlings from one seller and 10 from another to increase the chances of mischlings to be real mischlings (some sellers can sell RCS or CBS as a mischlings, you never know). Mischlings are harder than TB and easier to keep for beginners. I start found some TBs in my tank in about two months, the percentage is not high, around 1 mischling for every birth, something like 1/25 or so. By now i have around 20 TB and I'm planing to separate all males mischlings to other tank and only leave TB males and mischling females and this should increase the changes of TB. So it is a long way to get TBs but it should be interesting and rewarding.

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