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Are GH and KH important for Fire Red Shrimp?

My GH and KH are at 1 or 2. My shrimp are dying 1-2 a day. pH at 7.4

Ammo/Nitrate/Nitrite 0

Temperature 76 all the time.


I can't tell if their dying from hunger or what. I dropped an algae wafer in there just now and they all went swimming to it and look very happy. The females are like moving the place they carry eggs like crazy. 

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Yes, they are important.

Is your gH really at 1-2? That's pretty low.

kH 1-2 is usually fine, I think.

Also, 76* is kind of warm for cherries (neos), which Fire Red are a type of.

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I would raise your GH a bit and test your TDS also and what are you using for your water? How long has the tank been running? Might try a different kind of food also.

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about 1 month.  Using tap water.


That is more than likely your problem, keep up with your water changes and monitor the levels in your tank. Shrimp like an aged tank 2-3 months old and will be harder for them to survive. I normally dont feed wafers as they do not like them usually. Try a shrimp food and feed only a small amount and remove any leftovers they do not eat quickly.

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