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Blue Dreams and RCS in one tank?


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I'm thinking of getting some Blue Dreams and wanted to keep them with RCS in a divided tank. So one half is for BD and the other - for RCS. But if I want to cull them in the future I don't have place for the culls of both of them. So, my question is if I'll keep them together are they going to interbreed to the wild shrimp?


I have a new 5.5g that I can divide too but I really don't want to because I'm still not sure if I like my first divided tank enough to repeat the process. And if I'll start 2 new aquariums my DH will get very angry at me!


Thank you!

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Yes they are both Neocaridina, so they can interbreed. If they do there is potential for them to throw wild coloration in the mix. I would keep one or the other in the tank.

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