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A berried blue bolt gave birth in my RCS tank


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So, I made the mistake of ordering shrimp before my tank was completely cycled. To make a short story even shorter, they arrived and my tank wasn't ready for them. 


Without any other choice, I decided to drop the blue bolts into my RCS tank temporarily where the pH is approximately 7.4. To my surprise, one of the blue bolts was berried and has now given birth when I noticed some white and blue shrimplets on the tank glass. 


I don't think it will be much longer for the cycle to complete until I can try to find them and move them over. 


Now, I'm wondering whether there will be any issues with them short term and long term (both the adult BB and shrimplets).

And, hypothetically, for the shrimplets I happen to miss and don't switch over to the new tank in time, whether they'll actually live and grow in this high pH tank. 



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The honest thruth is I guess you will have to wait and see.  I mean you don't have a tank ready for them so I suppose this is the best it's going to get.  I don't think the babies will make it in such high pH.  (I would assume the gH and or kH isnt very good for them).  No reason to worry now since there is nothing you can do about it.  Just chalk it up to another learning experience in the hobby and do your best to get the other tank cycled ASAP.  Some people have good experiences with seachrem Stability I think it is called.

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I have never bred any Taiwan Bee in a PH above 6.7, so I can only speculate. I would assume as mentioned with a High PH you probably have higher water parameters overall, check your GH/KH to see where they stand. Ultimately it will come down to if the shrimp can successfully molt and have the proper minerals to reestablish a new shell. 

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Don;t worry too much about the PH being a bit higher, if your blue bolt was berried and came through it and dropped her babies she is obviously adjusted to this water parameter.  The babies being born into this will have automatically adjusted.  I would leave them all there.


I raised 20 Mosura Black Crowns in a 2.5 gallon tank with just plain old tap water and PH of 7.6.  They grew very well and I eventually sold them all.  The mamas were Mosura Crown and Blue Bolts and both lived in this tank for well over a month before I moved them back to the main tank after they gave birth....so they can adjust.

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Thanks everyone for your replies. Sorry for taking this long to update but I figured I'd give it some time to see what happens.



I don't know how many were actually born but I can see at least four of the baby BBs roaming around in there. It's been more than a month now. They're still tiny in comparison to the growth rate I've seen from the baby RCS in the same tank but they're still there at least! I guess you can say they can survive a higher pH.... so far anyway. 

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