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Made the move to save my remaining shrimps


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I have lost at least 12 of my spotted head and fancy red titaibee shrimps over the last month.


Finally today after finding another one, I made the decision good or bad to move them to a bare

bottom tank in the hopes of saving the remaining ones.   I moved the sponge filters and moss/cholla

wood over as well to give them something to forage on.   Used 1/3 RO water and the remaining

2/3 from their tank to help them adjust to the different water parameter.


We shall see if they survive and if it makes any difference to their life.


I believe the 10 gallon planted tank was so full of waste and bad stuff it was killing the shrimps

and as I am moving in 2 weeks this will help me strip this tank and clean it out and put the inert

substrate in it after the move.   Im going back to the basics of using inert soil with just peat moss

to lower PH.  Will keep you updated.


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why not controsoil?


I changed one of my neos tank to keep bee shrimp.


I just replace the sand with thin layer of controsoil. and adjust the GH (3 ish) and put shrimp (30pcs+) in right a way.


No single loss so far.

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it would still have to be shipped into Canada and they are extremely picky about soil.  We can't even bring a bag of substrate over the Border by car.  I am going back to using clay soil for aquatic ponds which has lots of nutrients in it and I can always add peat moss to lower the PH.  I did this before and didn't have as much problems losing shrimps as I have had in this past year using specialized Bee soil/Fluval Straturm soil.

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so today is the big move to the new place.  I just wanted to let you all know that so far my shrimps are still surviving in the bare bottom tank.  They have moss and cholla wood only with 2 double sponge filters but so far no more deaths.


I have only about 8 left, some red fancy tiger juvies and some black spotted head juvies, so hopefully they will survive this move.  I am lowering the water, pulling the sponges off to stay inside the tank and just move it like this then put the water from the tank back in once I arrive at the new place....approx. 2 hours. Will update when

I can get back onto the computer in about 4 days time.

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So the move went well, but I did lose some to stress.  Most of them were the young fancy Red Titaibees.  I have

one Ellen Wang and one FRT and about 3 or 4 of the Spotted heads, both black and red that are surviving.


So that's it for now....I will get more shrimps once I set up my new 20 gallon long. 

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Yes I agree, one thing shrimping teaches us is patience! 


I have all my equipment ready, but having just moved I have to allocate much of my time to fixing up the new place, moving furniture around, so Im still not sure where Im putting my tanks.  Once Ive got it all figured out I will get the tank up and running.  Going to change things up a bit.

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So happy to report that my remaining 6 shrimps are all still alive and apparently quite happy with their bare bottom tank!


Ive found them inside one of the cholla wood pieces, on the sponge filters, hanging in the plants and they don't seem to care that there is NO soil for them to pick over.  Just goes to show that shrimps can and do adapt to whatever environment they are placed in.


Also these are 2 spotted headed pinto mischlings, 2 fancy red titaibees and 1 Ellen Wang 3 CRS, so not the easiest shrimps to keep alive.  Tank is PH 7.2  GH is 6 and TDS is 253  I am using RO water too.

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