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How can I fix this problem


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Hello everyone am having a problem with my taiwan bee and my royal blues tiger,why can't I keep them alive during reproduction age ,as soon as they reach maturity they die

My tank 20G tall Ro water re mineralized


sponge 80G ,canister 30G,small sponge 20G 7cf33f1c46072dd4df99cd8011dfea5f.jpg

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I have the exact same issue SHrimpmania.   as soon as my females hit reproductive age they die ...sometimes they berry first then die.  No babies survive. My parameters seem perfect. Im in the process of starting over with a new tank

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Two options that I see - let your TDS naturally fall with the drop in GH process.  I also use SS GH+ and remin to around GH of 3-4.  In doing so, my TDS is around 100 or so.  This has worked well for me in my ADA tank.  The second option is you could use Mosura TDS Up.  I also have this product and can say it has worked well for me.  It doesn't take much at all (like 1/8th of a teaspoon) in 5 gallons of water to bump up TDS.  You'd need to decide how much to add to suit your needs, but giving you a reference point that one package will last a good while since you don't need a lot of it to move the TDS.

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TDS is on the high side as well.


I has 110ppm - 120ppm TDS while I keep GH around 3.


Focus on GH, it's way more important. ignore the TDS for now.

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