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Offer title: Plants

Offer Submitter: ctaylor3737

Offer Submitted: 19 May 2014

Offer Category: Aquatic Plants

I have several plants that are available for purchase.


Ludwigia inclinata sp. "curly/tornado": $4 stem

Java Moss: $3 Golf Ball

Java Fern: $4 Plant

Marisela Minuta: .25 Node

Ludwigia Repens: $1 Stem

Stargrass: 2/$1

Blyxa Japonica: $2 Plant

Hydrocotyle Japa: $4 Portion

Pennywort: $3 Portion

Red Rotala: 2/$1


**Shipping is $5.20 for Priority Shipping. PayPal is payment method. Thanks

Click here to show this offer

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